This is an overview of the larger projects I participated in.
In all projects I have been responsible for the graphical user interfaces.

Beercoin (C#, Xamarin)

Smartphone app for Beercoin, the beer-based cryptocurrency, that can be used to send, donate, and use Beercoins for shopping.
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Brain Connection Visualiser (Java, SQL, Swing)

Visualization program for measured signal strengths in the human brain to highlight anomalies and hightlight deseases.

Compog (C#, WPF)

Program to set composers of (classical) music into relation using their respective works.

Dawn Enforcer (C#, C++, UWP, ESP32)

Wake up system that consists of three wirelessly connected microelectronics alarm clocks. Each clock represents a task that has to be solved to snooze it. However, snoozing also starts the next alarm. If scattered across multiple places or even rooms, returning to bed becomes nearly impossible. This aim is also supported by the task themselves: The first clock only has a simple button, but the next one requires turning on the light or opening the shutters (light sensor). The last one requires the user to have a shower or prepare hot water (humidity sensor).

Earhance (C#, Windows Store App)

App to train the perfect pitch. Sounds are played and have to be found on a keyboard.

Pedal or Perish (C#, C++, Unity, Arduino)

A virtual reality fitness game that has a high immersion due to special controls: In front of a large canvas the user sits on an ergometer. An Arduino-based microelectronics system measures the rounds per minute and the in-game pedal-driven airplane flies as fast as the player moves. The plane is controlled via a joystick and the game’s goal is to shoot and destroy all enemy planes.

Pharma Board Crawler (C#, SQL, WPF)

A program that downloads the posts of a pharma bulletin board and extracts unusually common fragments for further analysis.

Picobots (Java, Swing)

A puzzle game that requires the player to think up formal rules to make a robot autonomously touch each field of map.

PiraTop (C#, Unity, HoloLens)

An augmented reality desk for the HoloLens to faciliate the transition from real paper to purely digital documents.

Racing Game (C#, Windows Forms)

Network-enabled multiplayer racing game with an easy to use track editor.

Text Classifier (C#, WPF)

A program that classifies texts. For example, the program uses training data and classifiers the user selected and configured beforehand to find out age and gender of an author.

Textaria (C#, WPF)

Role playing game with a visual output consisting only of ASCII characters. There is an overworld as well as a round-based battle mode.

visionLib website plugin (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, SQL, WordPress)

A complex WordPress plugin that implements the complete business logic for the visionLib website. Frontend and backend functionality enables customers to use product-specific services and employees to manage customers and their permissions.

Visual Hologram Data Verifier (C#, WPF)

A program that visualizes point clouds that are used to generate holograms. The program enables easy navigation through a large amount of interrelated data that can be visually checked before starting the time-consuming process of generating holograms.